This is the point I came here to make. I have 6 floods in my kitchen and the cupboard closet light is configured to turn on/off whenever the door is opened/closed. CFL's last about 2 weeks in the cupboard and about 6 months in the kitchen. I've stockpiled the old fashioned floods until LED prices come down » 12/11/14 6:43am 12/11/14 6:43am

It'd be interesting to include a breakdown of the 52% of whites saying they have confidence in the investigation have ever had an encounter with the police. I'll speculate that people who have never had a cop aggressively question or ask leading questions have a lot more confidence in the system than those that have… » 8/21/14 1:00pm 8/21/14 1:00pm

check out USAA bank. Its amazing and fast and free. Use any ATM in the world, they reimburse for ATM fees. Best app too. Have them and wells fargo and USAA kicks their butt. Only reason still have wfg is my wife likes to stand in line in a bank once or twice a month... » 6/11/14 1:59pm 6/11/14 1:59pm

I'll take at face value that raising the minimum wage won't effect employment rates. However, nobody's doing studies (that I see) about what effect raising the minimum wage will have on inflation and cost of living. Labor costs are typically the largest component of a product's total cost (see offshoring). So if we… » 12/03/13 11:28am 12/03/13 11:28am

TSA is security theater, giving people the illusion of security. I have no idea how much of what liquid is needed to make a weapon but say its 12 oz. Ok, 4 people take 3oz each and pass security without a problem and voila. So screening based on such things does nothing to protect us. It's too expensive to hire and… » 11/16/13 10:58pm 11/16/13 10:58pm

I blame my parents for letting me get a paper route when I was a kid. Seven days a week, up by 6am, for 6 years. Took a break in college, but once I started working I'm now back in the route of waking up every day by 6:30 without an alarm clock. » 10/21/13 7:03am 10/21/13 7:03am

this is the only solution that saved my marriage. I'm an 'over the top' guy and my wife is a 'whichever way chance has it - which is always under'. installed this style and now rage levels have receded to normal levels. luckily my ocd doesn't care about left vs right » 10/11/13 9:01am 10/11/13 9:01am

Given that pensions are as widely available as unicorns, people need to target 20% of income towards savings. Its a tough number but start with whatever you can and then every time - EVERY TIME - you get a raise or bonus you put a minimum of 50% of it into savings. » 10/03/13 11:22am 10/03/13 11:22am

I love the idea of LED and other "long-lasting" bulbs but my experience is that they only last longer if they're used in rooms where the lights aren't frequently switched on/off. I have had these bulbs die in a matter of weeks when used in hallways, food pantries, laundry rooms, etc. After looking into it the… » 8/15/13 8:21am 8/15/13 8:21am